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The state of European Freelancing in 2018 – results of the first european freelancers survey

October 2018

Malt and the European Forum of Independent Professionals (EFIP) carried out the first ever European freelancing survey: during 2 months, freelancers from across Europe answered a series of questions in order to share their expectations, their motivations and their state of mind in a time when the labour market is changing so quickly.

Stéphane Lebas, ex Chief Product Officer at Betclic and Meetic, joins Malt

October 2018

Stéphane Lebas is joining Malt as its Chief Product Officer (CPO). He will oversee the Product Management, Product data analysis, Customer Support and Marketing Acquisition teams.

Malt and the EFIP launch the first European Freelancers Survey

August 2018

Malt and EFIP teamed up to launch the European Freelancers Survey 2018. The goal? Paint a comprehensive picture of the status of independent work across Europe and make freelancers’ voice heard!

For its fifth birthday, Malt strengthens its leadership

June 2018

On the cusp of its 5th birthday, Malt, the leading French platform for digital freelancers, confirms the strong potential of its model by announcing that it will generate more than 50 million euros in revenue in 2018 in France. Also present in Spain, the company is aiming for 1 billion in revenue in Europe in 2023, and is preparing for next year’s launch in the Netherlands and Germany.

How Freelancers Are Redefining ‘Talent’ for HR People

May 2018

Recruiters used to have it a little bit easier. They knew where to find the best and brightest. They could rely on the signals conveyed by the most selective institutions—Ivy League and the like. If they managed to hire people from these institutions, their job was generally done and the recruits were generally suitable.

Why Freelancers Are Pushing Companies to Rethink Corporate Strategy

March 2018

Choosing to externalise or internalise an activity has long been a key strategic concern for companies. One that consulting firms made a business of supporting, providing tools and ready-made thoughts to help companies make their strategic choices. The dominant dogma has long been that they should focus on their core business and outsource everything else to other specialised companies.