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Malt values

We are convinced that talent is uniquely human.

Talent is not a commodity. It cannot be sold off. It cannot be undersold.

It cannot be automated. On the contrary, we believe that talent must be independent to perform at its best.

We are convinced that creativity arises from encounters and that proximity is a key factor of success. It seems the most beautiful adventures always emerge from transparent, human, and caring exchanges.

We match freelancers with companies but we do more than that. We create the perfect conditions for their exchanges to be smooth and for their projects ambitious.

Our heart is set on empowering each member of our community to thrive in their work, to be autonomous and to make choices that are aligned with who they really are.


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30 000

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CAC 40 companies are Malt customers
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I 2013, Vincent Huguet, Hugo Lassiège et JB Lemée founded Hopwork

In 2017, Hopwork becomes Malt, the leading platform on the French freelancing market and goes international