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The End of Loyalty?

May 2019

Yes, freelancing and remote work have been on the rise for more than a decade, traditional management has undergone a (quiet) revolution, andemployee engagement seems to be on the decline. But it would nevertheless be a foolish mistake to declare loyalty dead yet. What if worker loyalty still had a bright future?

Malt raises €25 million to further develop its freelance community in Europe, and to transform the industry of high value-add services in the digital space

February 2019

Malt, the 1st marketplace in France to bring together freelancers from the digital professions and companies, is finalizing a third round of financing of €25 million with Idinvest Partners, lead investor on this round, and its historical investors: ISAI and Serena.

The state of European Freelancing in 2018 – results of the first european freelancers survey

February 2019

Malt and the European Forum of Independent Professionals (EFIP) carried out the first ever European freelancing survey.