Marion Bernès February 2019

The state of European Freelancing in 2018 – results of the first european freelancers survey

Malt and the European Forum of Independent Professionals (EFIP) carried out the first ever European freelancing survey: during 2 months, freelancers from across Europe answered a series of questions in order to share their expectations, their motivations and their state of mind in a time when the labour market is changing so quickly.

The results are enlightening since 77% of the respondents became freelancers by choice, one of the main reasons being the ability to have flexibility in their schedule.

Even if the majority of them feel proud to be freelancers, independent professionals don’t hide the obstacles they must face: finding clients is a challenging task (57% of the respondents) as is handling monthly or weekly income fluctuation (46%).

While freelancers now account for 7% of the total workforce (+45% over the last 10 years), 63% of them still feel that they should be better recognized and supported by policymakers, the improvement of social security being the main concern. Beyond fantasies and ideology, it is now a question of changing our institutions to better take into account the reality of freelancing.