The End of Loyalty?

By |May 2019|

Yes, freelancing and remote work have been on the rise for more than a decade, traditional management has undergone a (quiet) revolution, andemployee engagement seems to be on the decline. But it would nevertheless be a foolish mistake to declare loyalty dead yet. What if worker loyalty still had a bright future?

Malt raises €25 million to further develop its freelance community in Europe, and to transform the industry of high value-add services in the digital space

By |February 2019|

Malt, the 1st marketplace in France to bring together freelancers from the digital professions and companies, is finalizing a third round of financing of €25 million with Idinvest Partners, lead investor on this round, and its historical investors: ISAI and Serena.

For its fifth birthday, Malt strengthens its leadership

By |June 2018|

On the cusp of its 5th birthday, Malt, the leading French platform for digital freelancers, confirms the strong potential of its model by announcing that it will generate more than 50 million euros in revenue in 2018 in France. Also present in Spain, the company is aiming for 1 billion in revenue in Europe in 2023, and is preparing for next year’s launch in the Netherlands and Germany.

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